If you can smell a rat, and separate truth from error, I want you on my Team!


"Broken Hearted" 9x12 Pastel on Bristol

“Broken Hearted” 9×12 Pastel on Bristol

  On the national stage in recent weeks, the press and the politicians are having trouble defining the word “lie.” There are as many definitions and excuses airing as there are people.

As kids, we knew a “white lie” from an outright black-hearted lie in a “New York minute.” Children have a sixth sense about these things. Perhaps it’s their innocence and lack of experience.

We also knew better than to tell a bare-faced lie unless we had our fingers crossed behind our backs. This gesture alone was supposed to ward off the evil consequences that were sure to follow.

The Washington Post, a liberal leaning newspaper, recently awarded President Obama three Pinocchio Awards for statements he made over the course of the past year regarding “Obama Care” or “The Affordable Care Act,” if you prefer; although, its affordability is certainly in question.

The “lame stream media” has been scrambling to cover the President’s bases for him which is not their job. They are designated to report the news not defend the President or any other politician. Their reporters are using words like “misspoke,” or “overstated” and “overreaching;” bland definitions that fall far short of the truth. Only the Post has had the courage to tell it like it is.

Whenever I misspoke as a child or overstated (or understated) my position, my mother would wash my mouth out with soap. She recognized a lie when she heard it. She didn’t care how expertly I had embellished my story or couched the details in smiles and rhetoric. She could smell a rat!

I think we all feel duped in one way or another. Many of us have lost our health care coverage period! The evidence is mounting that a pattern has developed with this administration. We have the fictitious and blatantly prepared stories surrounding Benghazi; the obstructing of justice by the IRS in their attempts to shut down the President’s opponents and detractors and many other incidents of “indiscretion.”

The confusion and the obvious hyperbole surrounding these events is enough to make Saul Alinsky roll over in his grave and the Cabinet and Senate do a fast shuffle to get their facts and stories straight.

I for one will take my mother at her word: “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!” Sir Walter ScottMarmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.
Scottish author & novelist (1771 – 1832)

My mother was a lot smarter than she looked! She never graduated from high school, but she had more common sense in her little finger than most of us have in our pre-conceived education-stuffed brains. Above all, she knew a lie when she heard one. The American people are made up of common ordinary people; and most of them, like my mother, can smell a rat!

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