Trust should be Earned not Given Away!



Who do you Trust and Why? Do you give your trust away to just anybody because they have a nice smile or they seem sincere?

I used to think that I could trust the FDA or their acclaimed messengers who tell us what not to eat, what to drink, and what to wear. You know, the messengers of doom and gloom. Well not anymore!

Remember when eggs were bad for you? They were supposed to increase cholesterol and add bad fats into your bloodstream. Some people still believe that yarn. They refuse to eat eggs and continue to eat egg substitutes that are not as healthy for you.

Then the truth came out. Eggs are actually good for you. Since part of the brain is made up of cholesterol, the vitamins and fats in eggs are healthy and needed (as long as you eat only one a day). Oh, how the food police love to control what you eat and how much!

I may not have the proper jargon, and I’m not a nutritionist, but I recognize the red flag for “regulation” when I see it. If the government can regulate it, they can tax it.

Take the latest fear mongering episode: “antibacterial gels may be bad for your health and may not eliminate all bacteria.” If that’s not enough to put the fear of death and disease into every mother’s heart, I don’t know what is.

Like a true believer, I examined my bottles of germ exterminator for the sinister “t” ingredients. Then it occurred to me that this was just another contrived ploy. J.Q. Public was being manipulated, once again, into ignoring and perhaps celebrating the new regulation that is sure to eliminate these evil “t’s.”

So what if the price goes up and the government adds to its coffers as long as my children are protected? We’re either scared into or shamed into compliance. The problem is the frequency of the scare tactics are beginning to sound a lot like the firing of a machine gun. The repetition is grating and sounds hollow, and the message content is starting to smell, too.

Instead of helping society solve problems, people are beginning to shut down and ignore the numerous warnings. I for one don’t listen to their advice (their meaning the government, the advertisers, and the regulators). I know if I wait another few months, the threat will either go away or it will change. What was bad for us last year, or even yesterday, is now good for us. If we are patient enough, the problem will just disappear.

This is not the way to get people to wake up and listen! Remember the color-coded threat levels after the 9/11 terrorist attacks? When the threat level went from orange to red, did you change your behavior? Did your life style morph into one of submission and fear, or did you continue your daily routines without interruption?

We all reach a boiling point; an irreversible mindset that simply cannot take any more. People are becoming shell-shocked. We’re getting a barrage of conflicting information and we’re on overload. It seems that the regulators, the government, and the panic police have cried “wolf” once too often. It’s time to revolt, people! We either stand up for the freedom that our forefather’s fought for, or we cower in the dust and let our fears overtake us.

The majority used to rule; now a vocal minority has taken over the airways and is demanding to make our decisions for us. Through bombastic pronouncements, they are taking away free speech (except for themselves), personal freedoms and the right to worship. They have pushed political correctness into ridiculous realms and attacked the very values and principles that made this country strong.

The bad medicine they prescribe for us should not to be taken. Instead, we must take up pen, and voice, and our power at the voting booth (perhaps even in the streets) until we prevail.

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