Enlarge your Vision; Sweep out the Cobwebs, Make Way for Tomorrow



Many people are good at “compartmentalizing.” They focus on one crisis at a time, and they don’t try to multi-task. They are persistent and dogged until the job is complete; full steam ahead. But they are so caught up in the task at hand that they miss out on the simple and sometimes important things that are happening all around them.

Take the University Professor who almost never flushed. He assumed toilets were supposed to work that way. Was he concerned about water waste? Was he being overly frugal? Or did he simply lack common sense? No matter how smart we are (or how smart we think we are); when we laser-beam on minutia the bigger picture gets away.

Naturally, we all have our own work and play styles. As we age, we squirm around until we’ve found that “sweet spot” that gives rhythm to our work and enjoyment to our play. Our pace of life compliments our personalities, and we say we are happy – settled.

Sea Nymph

“Sea Nymph” 24×18 acrylic on canvas; for sale

This is the exact time to measure your existence with your dreams, and your goals against reality. Are you content in this predictable routine you’ve built for yourself or have you only settled into familiar ruts?

Your own answer will determine if it’s time to shake things up. Life demands it!  Every now and then we must give our lives and our minds a good spring cleaning. Sweep out the cob webs, pull the dust from the rafters, and scrub out the build up and grime caused by last winter’s dose of cabin fever.

images (2)

Have you forgotten it already—how stifling and smothering it felt? I find it difficult to be creative when I’m surrounded by clutter and the walls start to close in. Once I’ve put those nagging pieces of humanity away, it frees my creative brain for bigger things. When my environment is organized and ready, then so am I.

images (4)

Those who work in a studio are blessed with a space that is always ready. Some of us must organize a space each and every day, along with all the other conflicts of interest; but this daily battle actually gets the creative juices flowing.

Not only must you and I file projects and appointments in our minds, but we need exterior compartments to organize them. I once was an organized person, but since I moved into a smaller space, I’m limited. I need to work smarter, in order to work at all. I’m rethinking new ways and places to put files so I can get to them when I need them.

images (3)

I have a book case full of old books that I’m going to send to Goodwill and open up space for square baskets and boxes to store those files that I depend upon.

How about you? Have you opened up your windows and let the fresh air of tomorrow clean out last winter’s traces? Are you preparing for a more productive year full of positives instead of negatives?

Now is the time to re-evaluate. Don’t put it off any longer. Stir the pot that’s swirling inside of you; choose your direction and go!


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