Great Grandson, Marcus, arrived before our Flight to Washington



Sorry for the delay. It really takes time to pack, unpack, fly across country, and get settled in a new place. There were many complications!

I must first share with you the photos of my husband’s new great-grandson. He came in weighing 7#15oz. and is an absolute doll. His father is Hispanic, hence the dark hair.

Grandpa with his first Great-Grandson

Grandpa with his first Great-Grandson

At Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle, we were picked up by our limo driver, Stan, and driven to my daughter’s house. We no sooner got there than all hell broke loose. My daughter’s granddaughter (my great) was taken by ambulance to the ER and eventually the ICU. She had had some long dental procedures the day before, and during it, her pulse rate went down to 20. The next day she passed out again at home and an ambulance was called. They did CPR to get her heart and respiration going again.

During this time, I had a problem of my own at home. My daughter’s living room is sunken, and the wood floor there blended in with the wood in the hallway. I momentarily forgot the step, hit it with both feet, and fell flat on my face. Luckily, I got only a bloody mess, a fat bruised lip, and a bruised swollen elbow. That floor was hard! So glad it was wood.

Carol's "big lip" from fall

Carol’s “big lip” from fall

When you think that things will go smoothly and normally that’s just when they don’t. To make a long story short, the grand-daughter is doing well; but needs to be watched for a few days.

Her diagnosis was pericardial effusion. Their final decision was that the CPR had brought on this “heart” condition, and that it was a heart event not an epileptic one as they had previously suspected.

2015-06-12 15.15.09

In all of this we still managed to have some great fun. One day, we visited Paulsbo, WA, a small Norwegian village and the next day Northern Trek, a wildlife preserve where my grandson Christopher works. He recently graduated with a major in zoology and is eager to gain more knowledge and skills. He’s working at the preserve for the summer.

Chris and his dad.

Chris and his dad.

Chris hand-feeding some beavers.

Chris hand-feeding some beavers.

Today, we went to another small town, Sumner Washington, and enjoyed lunch and browsing in a few antique stores. I hope you enjoy the photos of some of our trip. I’ll write some more when we get back home! TBC.


One thought on “Great Grandson, Marcus, arrived before our Flight to Washington

  1. Howie

    Carol & Dick.
    Congratulations on the great grandson.
    Glad things are smoothing out for you and your having some enjoyable outings.
    Love & blessings,
    Howie & Marilyn


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