Setbacks – A “Mission Impossible?” Not!

Auburn Nights

“Auburn Nights” 20 x 16 oil on canvas

Following on the heels of my “Patience” article, and a few setbacks of my own, this seemed the perfect title for today’s blog. The point being that no matter how many obstacles you face, persistence still pays off.

What happens when one of those sneaky unexpected events creeps up behind you and catches you off-guard? You either keep going or you collapse in a heap. But beware. There are other dangerous fellows lurking in the wings. You might call them Murphy’s standby team.

The first one is called “Fragment.” This pushy opponent may shatter your good intentions, scatter your focus and leave you feeling out of control. Like a bull in a china shop, Fragment breaks your resolve into bits and pieces and sends your hopes packing.

The second Murphy’s bedfellow is called “Polarize.” This dark villain tries to separate you from what’s important. If he can drive you and your mission apart, he can keep you from reaching your goals. If he can oppose your efforts and make it difficult for you to move forward, he has achieved his purpose and kept you from yours.


“Moody Blues” 20 x 16 mixed media on canvas

Setbacks are nothing more than stumbling blocks. Sure, they increase your patience if you don’t give up first. And they most certainly will cause delays. But if you recognize that they come to everyone, you won’t let them deter you, at least for long. Setbacks are not permanent. View them as brief interruptions like a rest stop in a musical phrase, or a breath of needed air after a morning jog. Don’t quit! Just keep going even if it’s only a few steps each day.

Money or the lack thereof is a hindrance for many people. If you can’t afford to pay for advertising, blogs or newsletters in the beginning that is a huge problem. The adage “It takes money to make money” is absolutely true. This is a fact of life for most of us. Promotions, ads, exposure all require a financial outlay of one kind or another.

Sometimes the people who get ahead are not only persistent and hardworking, but they are able to fund their dreams and objectives. Talent does not always supersede the efforts of driven people who have the wherewithal to follow their objectives.

Again, this is where patience comes in. Putting one foot in front of the other each day, doing something to forward your goals, even if it seems small, can eventually propel you into the spotlight. Are your efforts sincere and diligent or do you give up easily? Are you committed to your overall plans?

Follow your heart in spite of the problems that crop up each day. Many of them are out of your control, but some problems are the results of poor planning. Work smart. Keep going and you will one day reap the rewards of your efforts.

Artwork in this blog is for sale at  Carol’s Online Gallery


“Moonlight Magic” 11 x 14 acrylic on canvas

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