“The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” – God Bless Her; Please Vote!



At our small lake this morning, we saw two limpkins. They are often solitary. Two suggests that they may be mating. Unfortunately, I had no camera. Darn! I always miss the good stuff. When I ‘m prepared, nothing unusual seems to happen.

The usual limpkin habitat is in swamps and freshwater marshes. The fact that we saw them at all is because they’re building new homes in our area digging up trees and marshy places as well. Builders keep squeezing out the wildlife, and I’m afraid they may be destroying the future for these birds and animals.


(See how its knee joint bends backwards)

This year an abnormally large number of panthers were killed on the surrounding highways. People either drive too fast or are distracted. The light tawny coat of the panthers blends in with the dry grasses and roadways. They appear to go by in a flash. I think those limpkins must have been displaced by the construction, too. I wish they would incorporate wildlife areas in our communities and save more habitat.

images (1)

Their favorite food — Apple snails. (See sound YouTube below)

People also are being displaced across the country. Tornadoes and floods have cost some their homes. Lack of employment others. Workers are being displaced by illegal aliens and companies are shipping out manufacturing to other countries to save the cost of ever-burdening regulations and high union labor costs.

That explains why Donald Trump is leading in the polls. You may not like him, but he has the knowledge and skill to bring back both jobs and companies.

And just as other countries build walls and have strict immigration laws, so must we. The world is a more dangerous place today than it was in the past. We must never lose sight of that or be complacent in thinking that everything is just fine. The danger and destruction that is going on in the Middle East may soon be on our shores. It is already causing fear and death throughout Europe. We must recognize our enemies or be overtaken by them.

I grew up in a good democrat home. My dad was a welder and a union man. He and my mother revered President Franklin Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor (1933-1945). They thought Harry S. Truman was one of the best Presidents in history.


I had no reason to question their wisdom. Although I was young, I thought John F. Kennedy was not only handsome, but gallant. At that time I didn’t worry much about politics. I was a young mother and witnessed Kennedy’s death watching that infamous parade on T.V. I wept as if he’d been my own father. At the time he was our country’s hero.

But somewhere along the way, I rebelled against my parents and decided to form my own opinions. I became a staunch Republican for many years.

Then I went back to being a democrat.  I voted for Bill Clinton twice. I adored his sense of humor and his charisma. He seemed believable at the time. The political pendulum swung back and forth with each new election as someone more knowledgeable or influential came on the scene. And no wonder. Most politicians are scoundrels once they get in office and lose the confidence of the public. Clinton’s lack of integrity let me down.

So I became an independent. Ross Perot and Ralph Nader seemed wise and smart as did many others representing a wide political spectrum. I always prided myself on not voting for a party, but for the best person. Sadly, an honest politician is hard to find.

I don’t like everything about Donald Trump, I’m strongly pro-choice, but we need someone in the Whitehouse who can stop the flood of illegal immigrants from pouring across our borders, reduce our national debt, and bring jobs and companies back to America. I don’t just want a lot of talk. I want action.

We all vote from our past experience, which changes over time depending on the stage we are currently at in life, or our knowledge and opinion of who can win. Choosing someone based on one or two issues is not necessarily going to help our country. We are a nation of diverse people. A President must govern all the people and bring these diverse minds and hearts together not divide them. I feel this has been missing over the past eight years.

Please vote not only from your heart, but your mind. If you’re a believer, pray that you will make the right decision. Discernment helps you see past the unimportant issues of party affiliation, single issues, and looks. Vote for authenticity.

Don’t let your personal judgment or your hang-ups interfere. We’ve already had a president with a silver tongue. A good-sounding speech does not a President make; neither does good looks or immaculate hair (John Edwards taught us that).  If we get it wrong at this crucial time, our country may never get another chance to make things right.

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