The Right to Vote is a Gift of Citizenry and must be Protected


“Sea Breeze” Acrylic on 30 x 24 canvas

Many of us imagine how wonderful it would be to live on a tropical island. We picture swaying palm trees, crystal blue-green waters, fabulous sunsets, exotic people, and luscious menus.

HG T.V. illustrates this dream by filming people who sell their homes and start over with new lives, and new jobs in their own special paradise of love. And then Hurricane Matthew woke us up and them to reality. If you live on an Island, surrounded by water, you become a target of hurricanes and foul weather at least half of each year.

My heart broke watching the people in Haiti get hit once again. They were still half-broken from the last hit a few years ago. And Matthew may come back around and douse them again with more wind and water.

Still living in shacks created from mud and grass, or tin and cardboard. They had no protection. And as of last count, more than 800 people are dead, swept away by flood waters or crushed by fallen trees and parts of exploding debris.


“Sea Swirls” Acrylic 24 x 18 canvas

Natural foods are a draw in Haiti. The people enjoy fish from the ocean and tropical fruits and nuts from nearby vegetation. As a result of Matthew, their water is contaminated and many of the trees in the area were downed. What little they had in the way of material possessions was destroyed.

Whatever you think about the millions of dollars already poured into these tropical islands, they need more. U.S. Aid has been flown in carrying food and clean water. Will the government of Haiti disperse the charitable offerings or use it as a power wedge as they did before? The fact that most of their people were still in tragic straits before Matthew tells us what will likely happen.

At a time like this, judgment does not help. We must pool our resources and our compassion and help them once again. Innocent people are being hurt by their own government which is exactly what totalitarian leaders do. Children are at risk. Somehow the donations, goods and money never filter down to the people.


“Beach Buddies II”  Oil on 20 x 16 canvas

Let’s hope America is never so foolish that she will throw aside the best Constitution on the planet and trade it in for socialism or communism. If we do, we may be the next country with our tongues and hands hanging out, depending on others to bail us out.

Power is seductive and corrupts. Money allows power mongers to control others. Paying for favors, votes, or outcomes is common practice in a totalitarian government. In a one-party oppressive government, bribes, immunity, and cover-ups are typical; far worse, in fact, than a weak man or woman’s slip of the tongue that may or may not offend overly sensitive ears.

Which is worse: breaking the law, lying, destroying evidence while under investigation or while holding office, or simply saying something vulgar or in poor taste as an average citizen; tawdry language that we hear every day on television or in the movies?

Do we want a President who can fix America and put Humpty Dumpty back together again or more of the same: regulations, sky-rocketing debt, lawlessness and out-of-control taxes?


“Window on Pine Island” Oil on 20 x 16 wrapped canvas

I’ve heard it said that politics is a “blood sport,” but it’s we the taxpayers who end up with blood on our hands as a result of voting for abortion on demand, gun control that deprives us of the right to protect ourselves, and the loss of religious freedom to worship and practice what we believe?

I wore a sticker many years ago that said “Pray the Vote.” Good advice. May I add to that “study the issues?” If we vote in ignorance, we are the ones who will suffer from the results.

Voting is a privilege of being a citizen. When there is vice or corruption to tip the scale for one candidate or the other, we are all tainted. Voting is not a personality contest. Who can speak more eloquently or who is more poised and in control should not influence our vote, even though it does.

Weigh the options. Read the proposed policies carefully. What do you support and what do you abhor? Don’t allow your emotions to cloud your judgment. When you pull that lever or push those buttons do so with confidence. Leave with a conscience at peace with your decision.

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