Hang on with your Fingernails – the Election will Soon be Over!


I’ve always considered myself an optimist. But lately I’m leaning toward pessimism. Is it because there is less future ahead of me than past? Is the political climate getting me down? Are the newspapers really more biased today than in the past? Are my opportunities more limited and my energy not what it once was? Has “my dancing heart” stopped dancing?

I know I’m changing when those close to me accuse me of negativity. I reply that I’m being realistic. Today I trust people less and doubt the truth of what I read and hear. When I see people with power and money get off scot-free for offenses that you and I would be jailed for, then yes, I’ve become a pessimist.

I once believed in this country and its laws. I thought that because of the Constitution the most “perfect Union” in the world had been formed. Now I see our laws blatantly disregarded and ignored by those in authority. Men and women of integrity are becoming harder to find let alone to serve. Everywhere you turn there are scandals revealing the dishonesty and corruption in government, sports, and local politics.j0315822

Every day our work and our play is interrupted by telephone scammers telling us we have won a cruise or that they wish to help us fix our computer. The whole purpose for most of these propositions is to gain access to our PC, our bank account or credit card numbers.  Under the guise of our medical provider, some even inquire about our health and brazenly asking us to confirm our social security numbers.

Two years ago, my husband fell for a caller supposedly representing Microsoft. They asked if he had any problems with his PC, which he did. They were all too happy to help him.  When they were done, his computer went black and was never seen or heard from again.

My question to my husband was this: “Why out of millions of users would Microsoft select you?  When you really needed help, they never called or answered your emails. Why you? Why now?”

It took him weeks before he’d admit that yes, he was duped. Whatever they did once they gained access to his PC we’ll never know. Even his backup discs refused to work. The drive remained silent, the screen black.
untitledWe’re still getting those kinds of calls, but they’re now aimed at me. Yes, I’ve become cynical. We’re inundated by people out to get other people’s time and money.

What did those Microsoft Techies accomplish? Not a thing but the evil satisfaction of taking down another American’s device. They didn’t ask for a credit card or personal information. They just wanted to screw us up.



“With these Hands Wonder” 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas

Career politicians are scammers. They lie constantly; and even though their Pinocchio’s are found out, they continue to repeat the same made-up facts defying someone to prove them wrong. Unfortunately, their supporters and the masses don’t care as long as their party wins.

Yes, I’ve had it! I’ll be glad when this election is over. Politicians don’t really care about you and me. They just want the power. They make promises we know they can’t keep or won’t deliver. Will 2017 be any better than the last eight years? Will the quagmire in the Middle East be fixed or made worse?  Will income and wages remain stagnant? Will the cost of living continue to go up while the Feds continue to deny there is any inflation?

The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that God is in control. He hears and answers prayers. He doesn’t promise what he can’t deliver. He is omnipotent. He wraps me in peace while the world is raging. He alone I trust and when I do, I have hope and optimism in the future.

Control – Oh, the Power it Wields!

Alliance5-1-13 011

Two paintings from my “With These Hands” series: “Hope” on the left, and “Wonder” on the right. Oil on acrylic underpainting (mixed media)

Human nature is embarrassingly obvious. Whoever possesses the power is in control. Politicians seize it in the guise of helping the electorate; but instead, they vote themselves better health care, bigger raises, and huge pensions for retirement income.

They change the laws to suit their contributors. They vote out term limits so they can keep getting re-elected using the same lies they did when they first got elected. If the people in the states they represent feel like they’re getting the benefits, they grant them power for another term.

Today the establishment elite are afraid of losing that power. In their efforts to gain control, they are using lies and corruption to create a climate for take-over. Will the people allow it? In this “government of the people” are the elites once again trying to deceive in order to regain what for them is almost lost?

The whole affair makes me sick to my stomach. Because I support Trump, I’m tired of being told I’m not smart, I’m stupid, I’m a “far right loon” or worse. And this does not come from the democrats, but from the party I have supported not only with my votes, but with my money.

Many are backing off because they shun the labels the media and the establishment sling at them. So rather than be called an ignoramus for following Trump “the clown,” they fall in line behind the establishment candidates. Cowards! If we cease to stand for what we believe and blindly follow behind the demagogues who are beholden to their lobbyists and donors and not to “we the people,” America is lost.

If Donald Trump wins the delegate votes, isn’t it unconstitutional to try to take them away from him after the people have spoken? Romney thinks he has the power to take them away. If he is the shadow candidate, he not only won’t win, Hillary will get the nomination.

The “Rhinos” don’t care who wins as long as they can keep feeding at the trough courtesy of John Q. Public. But surprise! The more they sling mud at the Trump campaign, the more followers he obtains and this has the establishment in an angry frenzy of desperation. Poor little Marco thinks he has a shot at being President, but he’s only a pawn in the game to push Romney to the head of the pack.

The same power struggle happens in marriage. The one who has financial control, usually holds the winning hand. Sometimes money is withheld in order to manipulate or hurt. At other times the power may be used in the bedroom to withhold sex or affection. Power is often used to intimidate, embarrass, or belittle. Weak people are more likely to use this power to hurt others. The perpetrators may be male or female.


The third in the “With These Hands” series: “Love” all available at http://carol-allen-anfinsen.pixels.com

Greed and selfishness are at the center of all power disputes. Facts are distorted. Reputations are sullied. Self-respect and self-esteem are both destroyed. There are no winners. But in this election year, it is not a game. It’s a matter of life and death. Our country is so saddled by debt it is already on the verge of collapse. Our Constitution is in shreds. Our precious rights and liberties are being eroded to the point of no return and both parties are guilty of their destruction.

You can’t afford to be ignorant when you vote. Study the issues. Read both sides of an argument and determine the facts. If you don’t really care then please don’t vote. The right to vote was earned by someone else’s blood and tears. Some even lost their lives in preserving freedom. At this critical juncture in American history you can’t afford to sit this one out. Remember the saying: “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We must keep the power with the people.

First Daffodil

“First Daffodil” the hope of Spring.

“The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” – God Bless Her; Please Vote!



At our small lake this morning, we saw two limpkins. They are often solitary. Two suggests that they may be mating. Unfortunately, I had no camera. Darn! I always miss the good stuff. When I ‘m prepared, nothing unusual seems to happen.

The usual limpkin habitat is in swamps and freshwater marshes. The fact that we saw them at all is because they’re building new homes in our area digging up trees and marshy places as well. Builders keep squeezing out the wildlife, and I’m afraid they may be destroying the future for these birds and animals.


(See how its knee joint bends backwards)

This year an abnormally large number of panthers were killed on the surrounding highways. People either drive too fast or are distracted. The light tawny coat of the panthers blends in with the dry grasses and roadways. They appear to go by in a flash. I think those limpkins must have been displaced by the construction, too. I wish they would incorporate wildlife areas in our communities and save more habitat.

images (1)

Their favorite food — Apple snails. (See sound YouTube below)

People also are being displaced across the country. Tornadoes and floods have cost some their homes. Lack of employment others. Workers are being displaced by illegal aliens and companies are shipping out manufacturing to other countries to save the cost of ever-burdening regulations and high union labor costs.

That explains why Donald Trump is leading in the polls. You may not like him, but he has the knowledge and skill to bring back both jobs and companies.

And just as other countries build walls and have strict immigration laws, so must we. The world is a more dangerous place today than it was in the past. We must never lose sight of that or be complacent in thinking that everything is just fine. The danger and destruction that is going on in the Middle East may soon be on our shores. It is already causing fear and death throughout Europe. We must recognize our enemies or be overtaken by them.

I grew up in a good democrat home. My dad was a welder and a union man. He and my mother revered President Franklin Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor (1933-1945). They thought Harry S. Truman was one of the best Presidents in history.


I had no reason to question their wisdom. Although I was young, I thought John F. Kennedy was not only handsome, but gallant. At that time I didn’t worry much about politics. I was a young mother and witnessed Kennedy’s death watching that infamous parade on T.V. I wept as if he’d been my own father. At the time he was our country’s hero.

But somewhere along the way, I rebelled against my parents and decided to form my own opinions. I became a staunch Republican for many years.

Then I went back to being a democrat.  I voted for Bill Clinton twice. I adored his sense of humor and his charisma. He seemed believable at the time. The political pendulum swung back and forth with each new election as someone more knowledgeable or influential came on the scene. And no wonder. Most politicians are scoundrels once they get in office and lose the confidence of the public. Clinton’s lack of integrity let me down.

So I became an independent. Ross Perot and Ralph Nader seemed wise and smart as did many others representing a wide political spectrum. I always prided myself on not voting for a party, but for the best person. Sadly, an honest politician is hard to find.

I don’t like everything about Donald Trump, I’m strongly pro-choice, but we need someone in the Whitehouse who can stop the flood of illegal immigrants from pouring across our borders, reduce our national debt, and bring jobs and companies back to America. I don’t just want a lot of talk. I want action.

We all vote from our past experience, which changes over time depending on the stage we are currently at in life, or our knowledge and opinion of who can win. Choosing someone based on one or two issues is not necessarily going to help our country. We are a nation of diverse people. A President must govern all the people and bring these diverse minds and hearts together not divide them. I feel this has been missing over the past eight years.

Please vote not only from your heart, but your mind. If you’re a believer, pray that you will make the right decision. Discernment helps you see past the unimportant issues of party affiliation, single issues, and looks. Vote for authenticity.

Don’t let your personal judgment or your hang-ups interfere. We’ve already had a president with a silver tongue. A good-sounding speech does not a President make; neither does good looks or immaculate hair (John Edwards taught us that).  If we get it wrong at this crucial time, our country may never get another chance to make things right.